07-03-2016 – Food poisoning

Its happend…. got food poisoning. Damn what a hell. Spuw and diarrhea … Sleep al day and try to drink water all the time but my body says no…. And spit it out again. After a long sleep i tried it again, yes the water was accepted! Now i have to go out for some food… Went out to “Familymart” but there it goes badly wrong. Saw stars, saw black and when i went outside i got my “blackout”. A pharmacy worker saw it happen en took me inside. Directly he take all the medicine i needed. Explain everything and advised me what to eat.

I went to the restaurant next to pharmacy and got some soup. But my body says no again. I felt horrible again and took the soup with me to my room. Again went to sleep. Today i was planning for excursion but im not going. Feel to weak. Hope this all will end soon, so i can enjoy my stay in Patong…

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  1. Moet je niet even naar een dokter ? Die kan misschien een paardenmiddel geven zodat je snel opknapt en niet teveel dagen van je mooie reis kwijt bent. Sterkte.

  2. Heb van de apotheek al medicatie gekregen en die werken als een kanon… Ze wisten gelijk wat ze moeten geven. Echt kunnen ze in Nederland nog wat van leren!

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