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Vaccination Passport

Vaccination Pasport

After my visit at Amsterdam AMC hospital I’ve got my vaccination pasport. All medicals now know what to do when somethings going wrong.

Must see locations?

If you do know some nice spots to see feel free and tell me… Lonely Planet is not telling you everything 😀
Im goto following locations and area around:

  1. Singapore
  2. HongKong
  3. Shanghai
  4. Beijing
  5. Phuket
  6. Kuala Lumpur
  7. Bangkok
  8. Chiang Mai

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The Countdown is starting !!!!

At moment of this post. The countdown stands on 32days till my Journey will start.
Everybody favorite this website, follow me, read my blog and view my images and video’s.

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Thank you !!

Rejection visa Thailand

I got a email: Rejection visum Thailand.

Because im goto Thailand 2 times, i need 2 visa to enter the country. Now they rejected it because the “double entry visa” does not exist anymore. So my travel agent send me this rejection. We do now a new request for a “multiple entry visa” and now i have to prove i have over 5000,- euro on my bank account.

Everything is ok. This is the first little problem in the whole trip/journey preparing 😀

All DONE – Asia see you at 7 February 2016

Everything is done, tickets, places to stay, visum, places to visit…

Location Arrive Departure Stay
Singapore 06-02-16 10-02-16 5
Hongkong 10-02-16 13-02-16 3
Shanghai 13-02-16 20-02-16 7
Beijing 20-02-16 24-02-16 4
Patong Phuket 24-02-16 23-03-16 28
Kuala Lumpur 23-03-16 05-04-16 13
Bangkok 05-04-16 16-04-16 11
Chiang Mai 16-04-16 08-05-16 22

If someone think: I have a great place you must see let me know !!! contact me

Change of plans

Because of some changes i have to shorten my journey. BUT Still gonna visit 8 destinations !!!

Beijing and Hongkong booked

In Beijing i stay very close to forbidden city :D… walk distance.

And i can stay at friends place in HongKong Island !

Hotels booked

Its still far away, but already booked some hotels 🙂 … early bird discount 😀

check for the time schedule here

Travel Schedule almost done !!

check “Travel Schedule” for the whole timetable!!

Handful tip journey Asia Region?

I’m working on my trip through Asia for 2016. Do you know maybe tips, locations or must see destinations? Please let me know !!

Thanks !!!

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