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21 Days…

Today countdown stands on 21 days… So within 3 weeks my journey to Asia start.
Please visit my website and see stunning photo’s i’ll create when i’m travel around.

Read all my blogs and what i’m doing… And check lots more, i want record some nice video’s and it will be special! I will record video’s with a Ricoh Theta S, a 360 degrees camera. You can view them on Youtube on your mobile phone !!

Visit and favorite: http://asia.oudenes.photography

All DONE – Asia see you at 7 February 2016

Everything is done, tickets, places to stay, visum, places to visit…

Location Arrive Departure Stay
Singapore 06-02-16 10-02-16 5
Hongkong 10-02-16 13-02-16 3
Shanghai 13-02-16 20-02-16 7
Beijing 20-02-16 24-02-16 4
Patong Phuket 24-02-16 23-03-16 28
Kuala Lumpur 23-03-16 05-04-16 13
Bangkok 05-04-16 16-04-16 11
Chiang Mai 16-04-16 08-05-16 22

If someone think: I have a great place you must see let me know !!! contact me

Handful tip journey Asia Region?

I’m working on my trip through Asia for 2016. Do you know maybe tips, locations or must see destinations? Please let me know !!

Thanks !!!

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